Our offer starts long before product design and concludes long after its production. A product is only one step in a longer value chain that includes integration with the environment, support to installation and after sales service. Ours are project-oriented solutions that require definition of a timeline and respect of milestones for on time, on budget and on spec delivery.


Lighting is the most precious resource in the architect’s hands. A different set up of light allows perceiving the same space in a different way. One single space could be perceived as a place to relax, a workplace, a passageway or as an ideal place for certain activities, according to the light characterizing it.


There is no greater value to our company than our customers and this is why we aim to build an emotional connection with them. Obviously we care about the quality of our products but our customer satisfaction is the priority. We answer questions and provide support before, during and after a sale. We like to build sustainable and trusting relationships.


In recent years, new warehouse management systems and automation processes have been implemented to improve efficiency and quality, allowing the company to ensure unparalleled quality levels in the sector, maximum flexibility and short delivery times.


Our products are the result of research and development that has brought LED lighting systems to a new technological level in the nautical and residential fields. Each element, electronic, thermal and optical, has been studied and improved with the aim of creating products capable of making light interact with architecture and emphasise internal and external environments.

The know-how that Cantalupi Lighting has acquired over the years lets us find the best solutions to new challenges quickly. Still, our working method excludes no options, no matter how strange they may seem to be. Some of our best projects have come from exploring possibilities that others didn’t think of. That’s why, starting from a simple “idea for light,” we can help you develop a concept and design a project that explores the best combinations of materials, technology and mounting solutions. To make light and material become one, Cantalupi Lighting’s technicians create an engineering solution that optimizes all the mechanical and functional aspects of a given project and combines them with light to evoke emotional effects. The final objective is to bring out the best in the base materials’ colour and natural structure and reinterpret shape while filling function as a light source. Places and spaces acquire unexpected personality and transmit emotion, welcoming visitors along paths determined by the function they were created to fill. Design becomes function in its fullest sense


Our added values are the product engineering and the handcraft capability, combined with an array of numerical control machine and with a knowledge of the specific product application requirements. Once the product has been defined, the prototype machine starts to produce samples. When also the prototype has been approved, the cycle of production used for the standard Cantalupi products range is applied.


In an evolving market, in which technology is fundamentally important, we believe that investments on research and development have a key leading role.
In these last years we became a milestone for competencies in LED Lighting: we make available architects and designers to support from the idealization and design phases until the final achievement.


At Cantalupi, the entire inner cycle of production is what makes the difference. Every single product is conceived, engineered and completely developed internally, including tooling manufacturing and molding. The production process is vertically integrated from the polymer components to the metal reflectors. Cantalupi controls the entire manufacturing process and is independent from any outsourcing.


Every single product is conceived, engineered and completely developed internally, including tooling manufacturing and molding. The entire manufacturing process is independent from any outsourcing and it is managed directly by our company.


The finishing process is carried out with intermediate treatments suited to sanitate the material with mechanical and chemical procedures and with the use of selected painting products as to ensure hardness and resistance during time. The entire process is independent from any outsourcing and it is controlled by Cantalupi.


The specialization of our technical staff and the specific organization of our assembly department allows our company to offer its customers a high quality service. We meticulously take care of the assembly of our production, effectively responding to the specific indications of the designers. Only in this way will the final product correspond to the customer's requests, through procedures that guarantee the quality standard that distinguishes us.


Throughout the entire production process, Cantalupi stands out for its compliance with the most rigorous quality parameters, so that products and services are designed and manufactured to exceed customer expectations. Each stage of the production process follows a routine control procedure that deals with both quality and product verification. In these terms, each product leaving Cantalupi Light Engineering is duly inspected and tested; this implies a minimum number of returns and maximum efficiency. Product quality and safety tests comply with international standards.