Bespoke lighting design


Dining room with bespoke chandelier

Cantalupi Light Engineering works in the high tech LED lighting systems sectoflorida state football jersey custom football jerseys fsu jersey brandon aiyuk jersey johnny manziel jersey asu football jersey custom ohio state jersey Florida state seminars jerseys tom brady michigan jersey colleges in new jersey fsu jersey brock purdy jersey Florida state seminars jerseys custom football jerseys asu football jersey r. The entire production process is managed by the Cantalupi group, which allows us to produce any type of customized lighting product.

Our years of experience in craftsmanship and our advancements in technological innovation are a guarantee of maximum flexibility to achieve any level of customization to our products both in the nautical sector (yachts, super yachts, mega yachts) and in the residential sector of luxury.

The phases below are those managed by our technical office for the design of custom-made lamp furnishings:

First phase: consultancy from our technical team.

We take great care to create a special, unique and tailor-made object that will illuminate a specific environment. An essential phase of the process consists in the first consultancy, to understand the idea of ​​the architect, the owner, and the client in general.

In this phase we will ask a series of questions to understand the objectives, desires, and technical needs required for the design of the floor lamp, table lamp, or chandelier that we will create.

We might ask, for example:

Does your custom lighting object need to fit and harmonize with other elements?

Does it have to take on a specific shape, particular shade or shades,  or a specific style?

Will your lamp be used in a nautical environment and therefore need to adhere to exacting technical requirements?

Should it be an object with flashy or more discreet features?

Will the weight of the object be a factor in the design?

All these answers are valuable for our designers and the customer’s participation is essential as starting from a simple concept, we can develop and create a lighting design object by selecting the appropriate materials, technologies and assembly solutions.

 Second phase: preliminary design and review with the client through sketches, CAD drawings and 3D modeling.

After the meticulous collection of all relevant information, the Cantalupi Light Engineering will produce the preliminary project.

The project proposal is presented by means of CAD and three-dimensional drawings which help the customer to visualize the proposal by our team of experts during the first consultancy and to make any necessary tweaks to arrive at the final project. In fact, the combination of the customer’s ideas and the first sketches from the designers creates the luminous object, perfect for your environment.

Third phase: the preparation of the estimate.

The preparation of the estimate takes place in accordance with the customer’s needs offering the utmost professionalism even in this phase of the project.
In the first two phases, the customer identifies the shapes, dimensions, materials and finishes, as well as the required services, and every detail is carefully documented to receive the customer’s approval before proceeding to the subsequent design phases.

Fourth phase: the definitive project, photorealistic representation, and final approval.

In this phase we work on the realization of the technical drawings that guide the expert hands of the craftsmen of Cantalupi Light Engineering.

If requested, photorealistic images can be produced that represent the object that will be created for a particular space.

Thanks to the renderings from which the photorealistic representations are generated, it is possible to view the lamp in it’s new home even before it is created which helps to gain the final approval before moving on to the realization of the project.

Bespoke lighting Cantalupi products

Fifth stage: the production process.

The goal of this last phase is to deliver the highest quality lighting object and service to customers. The composition of the product strictly complies with the indications of the designers.

This process guarantees that the product is actually as the customer has seen it materialize phase after phase, through procedures that guarantee quality and international standards.

Our added value is in the engineering of the idea combined with craftsmanship. The installation does not mark the end of our business, but we continue to build a relationship with our customers, architects, designers, and owners of large boats and luxury villas, even after the sale.

In our creations you can see the craftsmanship and technology that characterizes the high quality of Cantalupi Light Engineering:

  • The elegant chandelier in AISI 316L IP40 stainless steel with sinuous shapes, completely made by hand and mounted on the roof with a fixing system of anti-vibration dampers, while the lighting is controlled by means of dimmable LED strips.
  • The yacht Vanish has outdoor table lamps in stainless steel. The concept comes from the reinterpretation of the classic table lamp. The material gives the lamp the modern high tech look, and makes it a lamp that defies marine climatic conditions.
  • The already elegant environments of the Happy Me have been further embellished by a refined composition of alabaster floor lamps.

Many other custom-made creations can be found on the Cantalupi Light Engineering website. 

By requesting more information, the technical office will be happy to propose unique solutions for all types of luminous creations.