Bespoke Lighting Solutions: the Power of Exclusive Designs




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Bespoke lighting solutions: valuable items for the places you love

When among the items available on the market you can’t find the right one for illuminating the rooms of your house and not only, you can resort to bespoke solutions, especially when it comes to illuminating your locations such as the halls of a villa or the interiors of a yacht.

But what exactly is meant by “bespoke lighting solutions”?

A bespoke lighting system for a exclusive location reflects through and through the customer’s style, needs and requests.
In this case, the lights turn into precious objects, besides being an integral part of the identity of the room you love.

Bespoke lighting: the companies

There are many companies specialised in bespoke solutions for illuminating luxury locations.

Cantalupi Light Engineering for instance, a leader in the field of luxury lighting, has got an entire section dedicated to bespoke solutions.

The goal is to create a unique piece, resulting from the merging of the customer’s ideas and needs and the production engineering of the team.

Unique pieces of rare beauty are thus made.

Bespoke solutions range from vaguely retro shapes for illuminating large spaces, up to contemporary design. As for the materials used, technology offers the customers a wide selection of materials to choose from, such as backlit semiprecious stone sheets, golden foils and much more.

Do you need some more ideas for your bespoke lighting system?

We offer a selection of custom-made products that meet the ideal needs for a bespoke indoor lighting luxury solution.

In its extensive product catalogue, Cantalupi Light Engineering has included the Bespoke section dedicated to customised lighting systems. In this section the company enshrines the products that arise from the merging of the customer’s ideas and the know-how of the master craftsmen of the Cantalupi team.

This results in stories of materials, shapes and aesthetics, which describe the experience and the requests of each customer, and how the brand has responded to these requests.

Bespoke lights: Cantalupi products


bespoke lighting solutions: soleil

This stunning sculptural element arises from the collaboration between the Cantalupi Light Engineering Bespoke team and world-renowned designers.

The idea comes from the customer’s desire to recall sunlight inside the room. And that’s how Soleil is born, a large ceiling or wall light fixture that fully meets the customer’s needs with its majesty and brightness.

Bespoke items are finished down to the last detail, also as for the choice of the materials. The ceiling chandelier Soleil consists of a gold foil plated aluminium disc, and an oblique light adds further value to the surface.
An LED backlit alabaster surface is placed on top of the disc, in the centre, while the outer steel decoration with a gold foil finish recalls the shape of sunbeams.


bespoke lighting solutions: shedar

An elegant light that sheds a refined atmosphere: that’s how we could describe SHEDAR, the wall lamp made of aluminium panels covered with gold foils.

Despite the strong stage presence given by the finishing material, this bespoke lamp fits very well into contemporary locations thanks to the multifaceted shapes of its directable panels.

Here is the extra detail: the directable panels allow a constant customisation and evolution of the lamp, depending on the homeowners’ taste and needs.


bespoke lighting solutions: beehive

This bespoke luxury lamp represents the union of the lighting system and the furniture.

Beehive is indeed a 560-millimetre-tall oversized lamp with a 460 millimetre diameter, born from the collaboration between Cantalupi Light Engineering and international architecture firms. The will was to create an indoor lamp that would be the undisputed star of the room.

Hence a very striking sculptural shape is born. The first thing that stands out is the alabaster used for the LED light diffuser. This central nucleus is surrounded by a sequence of teak rings which highlight its shape. Beehive is suitable for being installed both in residential contexts and aboard large luxury yachts.


bespoke lights: alabaster top
bespoke lights: alabaster



bespoke lights: chandelier



bespoke lights: wall lamp


These are just a few examples of how bespoke solutions for luxury lighting can be created.

Luxury can also be conveyed by the choice of the materials, of the sculptural shape or by the technology you choose to use in the light fixture. Behind these gorgeous items for luxury lighting there is always the perfect interpretation of the customer’s needs, which lead to the creation of pieces that are truly unique for their beauty and functionality.

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