Cantalupi Bespoke: the innovative engineering and manufacturing service for tailored decorative lighting


We at Cantalupi Bespoke are excited to prdeuce vaughn jersey custom made football jerseys florida jersey penn state jersey fsu jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms custom made football jerseys college football jerseys fsu jersey aiyuk jersey brandon aiyuk jersey asu football jersey johnny manziel jersey fsu jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms sent the latest advancements in our specialised division, a beacon of excellence in tailored decorative lighting solutions. This unit is dedicated to professionals who value the pinnacle of mastery in their lighting needs.

What makes us unique and distinguishes us from others in the industry is our pledge to providing the best consultancy, design and product manufacturing service available on the market today.
The Bespoke division has quickly grown to become a team of highly qualified professionals including light designers, mechanical engineers and technical-commercial experts, all coordinated by Project Managers who will act as your sole point of contact during every phase of the individual project. Having one single point of contact for your project means more efficient processes, decreased risk of miscommunications, better scope management, resulting in high quality projects delivered on time and on budget.

We will always be at your side, from the project’s inception, acting as trusted consultants and partners, right up to the construction and installation of the product, making it our responsibility to respect your delivery times and agreed spending budgets. Mechanical processing on metals, completely carried out in-house in our own facilities, with advanced numerical control of the machinery, and quality assurance testing where checks for dust tightness, resistance to condensation, and IP certifications of various degrees are carried out with customized test cycles developed based on our decades of experience at sea on the real conditions that the vessel will face during navigation are a matter of course and can be adjusted for your individual project.

The values that define the excellence of our Bespoke Service and qualify our commitment are:

Co-creation and technical support: Your ideas are the driving force of our work. We believe in seamless collaboration that begins with your vision and continues through to realization. Our technicians will always be at your side to offer suggestions and recommendations, to brainstorm ideas, and to support your choices, constantly infusing your projects with creative energy.

Accuracy and respect for delivery times: We understand the importance of delivery in compliance with the timelines that have been agreed upon during the first phase of the project and we work professionally to respect them starting from a shared and mutually agreed planning of the work. Our Project Managers will provide progress updates to keep you up to date and you will be informed about your project right up until delivery on site. We manage the design, manufacturing and installation times, ensuring timely and efficient execution.
Total quality control: For us, beauty is not an aesthetic quality, but perfection is in creation. We guarantee the highest standards of construction and care in the finishes, thanks to sophisticated control machinery, promising functional and visual durability.

After-sales assistance: Our commitment goes beyond installation. We offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your projects continue to shine with their original beauty over time. We simplify the need for any replacements, and above all, should a modification be necessary, we allow for this eventuality by designing our products with the future in mind so the latest technological standards can be met by simple modifications without ever needing to replace the original product.

Craftsmanship with an industrial flavour: Each of our products is a masterpiece, handcrafted by master artisans who have honed their skills to perfection. This mastery of craftsmanship is seamlessly integrated with the reliability and efficiency of industrial processes. Each project will be delivered complete with technical data sheets, installation instructions, also available online, packaging specifications, three-dimensional photometric curve, and everything needed to support the design such as detailed technical drawings in 2D and 3D. This is how we marry the mastery of craftsmanship with the precision of industry.

Material Quality: Our unwavering dedication to using the finest materials and superior craftsmanship ensures the highest standards in every product we create. With a seven-decade legacy in the industry, we bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Focus on high-end luxury: Our target market represents the pinnacle of luxury, and we pride ourselves on offering the utmost in sophistication and elegance.

We are embarking on a rebranding journey driven by passion and courage to become a dynamic, culturally advanced, highly professional company recognized for the continuous defense of its fundamental values of Honesty, Integrity, Sustainability, Inclusion, and Equality.