How to create a wow factor with flexible linear lights


Flexible linear lights are the perfect light design element to create a wow factor in any environment. Thanks to their elegance and diffused light they emphasize any setting where they are located. Let’s discover the secrets of these lights.

Flexible linear lights – what are they?

First of all, let’s find out what flexible linear lights are: they are long composite light ribbons with small LED chips positioned at regular intervals between them. These strip lights, available in various lengths, are very thin which makes them excellent for various uses, both indoors and outdoors.

This type of LED light is available both with the LED chips inserted inside a polyurethane body, or left exposed. The choice depends on the lighting effect you want to obtain, as well as on the environment in which the linear lights will be installed. If the linear LED lights used are left covered by the polyurethane body, not only is their beauty undiminished, they are also more resistant.

Flexible linear lights are the perfect solution for effective yet impactful lighting. This type of lighting, in fact, thanks to its structure, adapts to any type of application. Its flexibility makes for an element that fits in with the architecture of the context, whatever it is.


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Cantalupi Light Engineering offers various models of flexible linear lights, made with a flexible LED strip covered by a polyurethane compound. In this way the LED lighting strip is resistant to weather, UV rays and abrasion.

These characteristics make it the perfect product for yacht lighting, both indoors and outdoors.

The flexible linear lights guarantee a bright and uniform illumination over the entire light surface, even in curves.

Linear lights – how to use them and why

Flexible linear lights are not only the perfect solution for providing diffused lighting in various rooms of the house but are also an excellent solution to enhance the details of your home’s ceiling. A neutral-colored LED strip, for example, is ideal for diffused and non-invasive lighting on a decorated ceiling.

But why should we use flexible linear strip lighting?

Here are 3 good reasons:

  1. They are excellent for adapting to any type of environment;
  2. They give a lot of diffused light in a very small space, due to their thinness;
  3. They are perfect for outdoor lighting.

The advantages of linear lights

The advantages of this type of lighting come from the fact that the overall dimensions of the lighting strips far outweight the luminous results.

Further, Cantalupi Light Engineering offers a linear LED version with an RGBW control. This means that it is possible to install linear lighting in colors that can vary according to your needs, and thanks to the polyurethane coating the LED strip lighting from Cantalupi Light Engineering are resistant to bad weather. This detail makes them perfect for outdoor installation, both in a nautical and residential environments.


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Linear strip lighting examples for use luxury

Cantalupi’s flexible linear lights for luxury environments can be used in both residential and naval environments. Here are a few examples.

For external illumination there is no better way to illuminate a luxury yacht than with flexible linear lights. The LED strips follow the contours of the hull, creating breathtaking lighting effects. Not only, this type of lighting can also be used inside the yacht itself, both for main lighting, and to support other light points.


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In this example: linear LED lighting was used to highlight the designs on the suspended ceiling and emphasize the central chandelier in the living area.

Linear lights are also the perfect solution for the yacht exterior because they are not bulky and are able to emphasize each and every element. A high-impact lighting effect can be obtained by inserting the LED strips by the pool, then changing the color according to the occasion using RGBW-controlled lights.

In a luxury residential setting, flexible linear lights can also be used in the living area, such as for enhancing a salon. In this case linear LED were installed in a recess created specifically to house the light strips.


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As main lighting, flexible linear strip lights can be used both in the living area and in the sleeping area. It is possible to install the LED strip behind the head of the bed, to create a diffused but non-invasive light.


Flexible linear LED strip lights are also widely used for relaxation areas, both in homes and boats, such as saunas or bathrooms. The diffused light created by the LED strip lighting emphasizes the feeling of wellness and relaxation, especially if the right color tone, which can range from warm white to colored light in shades of green, is used. In this case, the installation was based on the preparation of a structure, in wood or plasterboard, which would house the lighting body. The footprint was reduced to a minimum, thanks to the thinness of the LED strips, and the result guaranteed a wow effect.

Discover all the solutions for wow effect lighting with Cantalupi Lighting flexible linear lights.