Interior Lighting Design Tips | A Small Guide



Are you looking for interior lighting design tips? Keep on reading!

Choosing the right elements for indoor lighting is no easy task: the right lighting in the various domestic environments helps us to create the right atmosphere. Every room in the house will therefore need a different light so that it is really cosy.

Let’s see how best to orient ourselves towards choosing the right interior lighting according to the type of room and the type of lamp we choose.

Types of indoor lamps

Interior lamps can be distinguished in the following categories:

Wall lamps: suitable for diffuse lighting of corridors or as a complement to other luminaires in our room;

Hanging lamps: certainly the protagonists of large rooms, both in size and importance from the lighting point of view;

Floor lamps: indispensable in living areas, to have a light where you need it;

Table lamps: used both as a furnishing accessory and as a lighting fixture for punctual lighting.
They are suitable for both living and sleeping areas;

Recessed lamps: this type of lighting is very popular both in service areas such as corridors, stairs etc. and as a complement to the lighting in the living area or kitchen. This category also includes adjustable spotlights, which are very popular in the kitchen, where we need a type of directional lighting in certain areas.

LED Stripes: this type of lighting is widely used in luxury yacht interiors but lately also in residential interiors, it is ideal as complementary lighting both in the living area and in the sleeping area, where there is a need to have a more intense light.

We will therefore have to choose the right type of interior lighting also according to the environment to be illuminated.
Each area will need a different type of light, and we will have to be careful not to make the mistake of over-lighting areas where a lot of light is not required, and vice versa.

What kind of lighting do I need?

The type of lighting, as already mentioned, will change depending on the environment of the house to be illuminated.
Let’s see how.

Living area: for living areas, especially large ones, we will have to try to integrate various types of lighting.
We can not entrust all the lighting in the room to ceiling lights, which create a diffused light but not enough to illuminate some areas of our living room such as the reading area. The ideal will therefore be to provide light points on the wall or use floor lamps that direct the beam of light to the area we want to illuminate more.


Living area furnished with lamps and ceiling lights. Ceiling lights help to illuminate specific points in the room.


Dining room: it is very important to light the dining table, but we have to pay attention to the type of light.

In this case we should avoid coloured lights, because they would alter the perception of our dishes. Also the adjustable spotlights are to be avoided, because they create glare. For the dining room the best choice will be a diffused lighting, deriving from a ceiling lamp. This, depending on the size of our room, can be either a ceiling lamp or a pendant lamp. In the case of a pendant lamp, remember to consider well the distances to be kept from the dining table: the ideal will always have a distance between the lower part of the lamp and the table top that varies between 70 and 90 cm.

Kitchen: in this area of the house the interior lighting must be above all functional to the preparation of food, so we will opt for a whole series of lights that combine functionality and aesthetics. The latest trends see the lighters as a great protagonist of the lighting in the kitchen area, which thanks to their directional light beam guarantees a great supply of light where it is needed.

Bedroom: here we will have to provide more light only in the wardrobe area, while for the rest of the room we will use a type of diffused light with warm tones, to give more visual comfort to the environment.


bedroom interior lighting


Bathroom: also in this area of the house we will have to provide a general lighting, carried out by a ceiling lamp, and a direct light at the sink area. For the illumination of the area in correspondence of the washbasin the latest trends see the use of LED lamps used as “frame” of the mirror, a perfect idea to have the right amount of light where it is needed.

LED lamps used as mirror “frame”



As is the case with furniture, interior lighting is also subject to changes dictated by new trends.
From the minimal to the reinterpretation of classic shapes, from recycled materials to blown glass, every room and every style has its own lamp.

Depending on the dominant style in the various domestic environments, the aim is to find the lamp that is right for us.

The latest trends include a great use of clean shapes, associated with materials ranging from saturated glass to recycled materials.

Geometric shapes and a return to 1930s style are the basis of the lamp proposals for 2019.
There is certainly no lack of proposals for suspension lamps with a minimalist taste, together with reinterpretations of lamps of the past in a modern key, thanks to the use of new materials.


How do I choose the best interior lamp?

There are so many market proposals in the lighting sector.
Once we have chosen the style we want for the lighting of our environment (minimal, classic, retro) and therefore the type of light we will need (diffused, direct, adjustable, etc.) we will concentrate on selecting, among the various brands that propose lamps for interiors, the one that meets our needs.
Among the best lamps for interior lighting, we find the proposals of Cantalupi Light Engineering, a leading company in the sector that offers various solutions for interior lighting, from adjustable spotlights to table lamps.

Some ideas for living room, kitchen and bathroom

An excellent solution for the lighting of the living area, for example, is the MIZAR lamp, a flat LED wall lamp with top-emitting light which, thanks to its minimalist shapes, is a design element capable of providing excellent lighting.


If you prefer a swivelling light, the VIAREGGGIO swivelling LED ceiling light solution will ensure symmetrical light diffusion without forgetting the decorative aspect. This can be a good solution to combine functionality and aesthetics, also ideal for installation in the kitchen area.


interior lighting viareggio

LED interior lighting “Viareggio”


Among the table lighting solutions, MOONLIGHT is the ideal solution to have more lighting in the living area in correspondence of the sofa or reading area: it is a round table lamp with body covered in alabaster. An extremely elegant solution, both in terms of aesthetics and the lighting effect given by the light diffused through the translucence of alabaster.

We must certainly not forget the LED spotlights, which are excellent for illuminating both the kitchen and the bathroom, especially in the wash basin area. Among the various market proposals for LED spotlights, DESERT FLAT with its geometric design, given by the square flat frame is an optimal solution to ensure symmetrical and functional light in a design solution.


interior lighting desert flat

LED light “Desert Flat”