LED lighting company: Cantalupi Light Engineering, over 60 year of excellence



Are you looking for a LED lighting company? Cantalupi is an award made-to-measure lighting design and manufacturer brand.
Both in yachting and residential, the light company offers outstanding sartorial skills but also an off-the-shelf range 100% made in Italy. An invaluable heritage of craftsmanship, a sound LED expertise and the finest materials are our signature elements.



Over 60 year of excellence in Electric systems for lighting all the customers’ needs from all over the world: this is the secret of the prestige of Cantalupi Light Engineering in the lighting industry.

In 1951 “Cantalupi Electro-mechanics” is created by Tauro and Bruno Cantalupi. Products are immediately very significant for target.

In 70’s, the brand and the quality of Cantalupi begins to become famous in Europe, Middle East and in America.
In these years Cantalupi lays the foundations for services of quality and reliability, which comply to the standards of a booming market.

With the birth of recreational marine industry in 80’s Cantalupi’s experience and competence have been required from the most important shipyards around the world.

Cantalupi cooperates to extremely prestigious projects: the Challenger Team at the America’s Cup, champion team in the Offshore Cuv world.
It also cooperates to the achievement of yachts for the international jet set: businessmen, sport champions, actors and princes.
The new Italian lighting industry requires products and services with a very high quality.

In the recent years, Cantalupi increases its own know-how in domotic and automation systems, thanks to its own multi-year experience in ship and home systems.
In 2010’s we have a new division of Cantalupi Electric Systems’ products: an innovative products range grown up as a result of the big experience of the company.

So, nowadays, Cantalupi is an international company thanks to the services quality and to the achieved systems, such as Refit, Expertise, Worldwide service, Consultancy and LED lighting expertise.


Cantalupi Group is an evolved group, composed by over 100 experts which maintains in its inside the genuine features of a company with three generations of family history.

Cantalupi has always worked in a shipbuilding context and market among the most famous and advanced in the whole world and it has developed itself in line with new technologies and the new market dynamics.
The challenge with the future is captured by the “Search and Development” division, which pays attention to the study and to the integration of all new automation and domotic systems, with the highest quality standard.

Cantalupi Electric Systems designs and produces in Italy. Nowadays it is proud of more than 600 achieved systems and 200 automation systems for ships that everyday make waves around the world.


The lighting company Cantalupi has a big showroom, example of proper lighting for a point of sale which displays the light fixtures manufactured by the brand.

led lighting company: cantalupi showroomled lighting company uk: cantalupi londonled lighting specialists

The various items produced by the Italian brand specialised in indoor and outdoor lighting are displayed in a setup that conveys a relaxed atmosphere, almost some sort of large living room. Within this special setting, both warm and cool lighting systems are exhibited along with the matching stones to backlight.

The showroom set up as a convivial environment in which innovation and lighting design converse allows the customer to create their own idea of light and lighting for the outdoors, for indoor residential environments and more.

led lighting bulbsled lighting showroom: cantalupi roomled lighting evolved company showroom: cantalupi italy viareggio

The place, designed this way, tells about the company’s brand identity by presenting the latest products along with the iconic items by Cantalupi Light Engineering.