Best luxury lamps: shades and modern beautiful samples

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Choosing the appropriate luxury lamps for illuminating a stylish home is not easy. Such lamps and chandeliers are indeed not just light fixtures but also a key component of the house.

Lampshades play an important role in the choice of lamps. The more valuable the lampshades are, the better the whole object will benefit.


Luxury lamps and chandeliers are the “icing on the cake” in an elegant house thought out down to the last detail. Illuminating the different rooms of a luxury house means finding the right balance between the proper lighting of the area and the beauty of the light fixture.

But don’t worry! On the market you can find numerous ideas for luxury lamps that meet any need.

How do I choose the appropriate luxury lamps for the different areas of the house?

Luxury lamps, just like “normal” light fixtures, are divided into four categories:

  • Suspension lamps

  • Floor lamps

  • Table lamps

  • Wall lamps

When the light fixtures match the different rooms of the house they lend a feeling of well-being and elegance. Therefore our goal is to choose the right luxury lamps for every room of the house.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the right luxury lamps for every room:

  • Suspension lamps: perfect for the living room and the dining room, especially when placed over the dining table.

  • Floor lamps: suitable for illuminating the reading corner in the living room and lending personality to the bedrooms.

  • Table lamps: perfect for the bedroom (the classic bedside lamps) and the studio, but they are also suitable for embellishing the living area.

  • Wall lamps: perfect for illuminating hallways, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedrooms. But they can be used in halls too as eye-catching ceiling lights.

That said, in order to choose the right type of lamp you must:

  • Choose the type of lighting depending on the area you need to illuminate, so that you narrow down the luxury lamps to choose from.

  • Choose the materials: once you have chosen what type of lighting you need, you can focus on choosing the materials. To be on the safe side, let’s always take inspiration from the style of the room in which you are going to install the lamps. For instance, if you are looking for a suspension lamp for a beautiful classic hall, you can take into consideration modern versions of the classic crystal chandeliers, perhaps custom-made by skilled craftsmen.

There is a very wide choice of high-quality lamps and chandeliers on the market. The important thing is to rely on specialised brands.


In the field of luxury lamps, Cantalupi Light Engineering succeeds in providing its customers with the perfect combination of sophisticated appearance and lighting performance.

Luxury lamps are a dream to fulfil, and Cantalupi knows that. In order to fulfil any wish, the company provides the customers that are looking for luxury lamps with two options:

  • Choosing from the company’s collections of luxury lamps, which are made with the best materials.

  • Manufacturing bespoke luxury lamps, which mirror all of the customer’s needs and are created by the company designers working in synergy with the customer.

Among the luxury lamps from Cantalupi’s collections you will find OTTO, a table lamp that comes in different shapes and materials. One of the variants available is OTTO MURANO, a table lamp with a Murano glass body suitable for creating the right atmosphere in every indoor space.

Whereas the bespoke solutions by Cantalupi include ADARA, a wall lamp made of mouth-blown, hand-ground plate glass. Thanks to the soft light inside, the colours of the glass come to life and blend with the surrounding surfaces. Besides having a strong decorative impact, this luxury lamp offers scattered lighting inside while emitting light upwards. The perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

Lampada di lusso Adara

A custom-made Adara lamp


Among the luxury floor lamps you will find pieces that are a part of the history of “made in Italy” design, as well as several new products suitable for embellishing every space.

Luxury floor lamps are perfect for illuminating the living area.

lampada da terra di lusso: otto

A floor lamp from the OTTO collection


Luxury table lamps are the perfect choice for illuminating the bedrooms too with the right luxurious touch. Since table lamps are small-sized elements, you can go one step further with materials and creative shapes. If you wish to give even more light and shininess to your bedroom, you can opt for the exclusive collection by Cantalupi in collaboration with Swarovski. These luxury table lamps combine pure shapes with Swarovski fabric fixed on thin plexiglass sheets for the lampshade. The result is a blaze of light and reflections.


lampada da tavolo di lusso



For your desk it’s important to choose a beautiful luxury lamp that matches the style of the room. There are many ideas and models for this type of lamp too, which must guarantee functionality and proper lighting above all. They range from luxury desk lamps with minimalist clean lines and high-quality materials to liberty-style luxury desk lamps, perfect for embellishing a vintage-flavoured studio.

lampada da scrivania di design: maya

Maya, a lamp for writing by Cantalupi


The most famous luxury artistic lamps definitely include Tiffany lamps. These artistic lamps date back to the mid 19th century and are made of a metal body and a hand-cut glass lampshade. Thanks to this technique, each lamp is one of a kind.

Whereas for those who love modern artistic lamps there is plenty of choice. They range from lamps made of Murano glass sculptural shapes to lamps with lampshades made of thin white marble slabs. They are true works of art!

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