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portable table lamps on yachts

The must have of recent times in the lighting world is the portable table lamp. Onccustom made football jerseys asu football jersey oregon football jerseys custom football jerseys custom made football jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys deion sanders jersey College Football Jerseys johnny manziel jersey college football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey johnny manziel jersey Florida state seminars jerseys deion sanders jersey asu football jersey e upon a time, the portable lamp was seen as a type of emergency lighting, but today it takes on all the beauty of a smart and super flexible system to illuminate sophisticated and trendy contemporary spaces.

Thanks to its main feature the portable lamp adapts to any circumstance and environment, lending personality and character to any space while ensuring excellent lighting.

The modern table lamp is the cumulation of research, innovation and design, and craftsmanship as it is made with the best materials in circulation. Rechargeable portable lamps are the result of new and innovative creative research in leading companies in the sector and the results are unique pieces of design, where technology and aesthetics come together. The concept of portable lamps fits perfectly with the concept of domestic spaces in which day to day living takes place in an always dynamic and fluid way. The ability to move the lamp to different areas of ​​the house where needed is a large part of the success of cordless lamps. These contemporary table lamps are usually made with a stainless steel body, while for the reflective part you can find lamps with either sandblasted glass, or with thin layers of onyx, alabaster or other precious materials.

Another key feature of these portable lights is the type of power supply: these luxury cordless lamps have a rechargeable battery inside that guarantees duration between 8 – 10 hours. The light is provided by a 6 watt LED lamp with modular intensity.

Portable table lamps: where to use them

Cordless lamps are perfect both indoors and outdoors and in all those situations in which it would be difficult to introduce a classic type of lighting, for example due to the lack of electrical sockets nearby.

In a residential area, the portable table lamp is ideal for illuminating the pool area, or as a contemporary lantern to embellish the garden.

This type of portable lighting is also perfect for illuminating the various rooms of a superyacht. The versatility of the rechargeable portable lamp is perfect for adapting to the external spaces of the main deck, but not only: the portable table light can also be used to illuminate interiors, such as the dining area. In this case, the diminutive size of the portable lamp means that it can be placed directly on the dining table to create a pleasant lighting effect.

Let’s see below how to choose the perfect portable table lamp for every need. Here are some ideas from Cantalupi Light Engineering.

Modern and Luxury Portable Lamps

Table lamps are the perfect element to create the type of light desired in an exclusive environment. Whether it’s the garden of a villa or the deck of a superyacht, portable lamps are able to give a touch of elegance and modernity.

In fact, these lamps are the perfect combination of precious materials, refinement of shapes and avant-garde technology. Cordless luxury lamps are perfect for illuminating the most beautiful and exclusive spaces, whatever the lighting setting you want to achieve.

Portable Lamps Cantalupi

Cantalupi Light Engineering, a highly innovative company in the lighting sector, proposes a unique, rechargeable, and portable lighting line called OTTO. The continuous research in the choice of precious materials and refined shapes, has given life to a collection of portable lamps that goes perfectly with the style of the interiors: modern, marine or classic, and these modern cordless luminaires will create the right atmosphere.

For those who love the marine style and want to illuminate those types of spaces, internal and external, which are reminiscent of the sea, the perfect solution is the portable lantern that has been revisited with a contemporary twist.

With the characteristic design reminiscent of the lantern but in a modern theme, we propose the Otto Handle.
The Otto Handle is a portable lantern but with a contemporary design. This cordless lamp is made with a polished stainless steel body and sandblasted borosilicate protective glass, perfect for being placed outdoors, but also perfect for indoors.

The upper handle, typical of the classic lantern, makes it an iconic and extremely practical object. The 6 Watt LED lamp is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which guarantees light duration for 8-10 hours.


For a design with a classic style, but without giving up the portable table lamp, Cantalupi Light Engineering proposes the Otto Lantern. The lines are reminiscent of the classic lantern, with a stainless steel body. The addition of the rattan texture in correspondence with the sandblasted glass creates a softer lighting effect. It also goes perfectly with all those spaces, from luxury villas to superyachts, which have a refined classic style.


To illuminate a luxurious environment with a portable table lamp, you can opt for portable lamps with a sophisticated design. A perfect example of this is the Otto S / M by Cantalupi Light Engineering.

This portable table lamp is made with sandblasted borosilicate glass and metallized reflector. The two models differ in their dimensions: the S version has an overall height of 158 mm, while the M version has a total height of 232 mm. The novelty this year is also the Otto B, which maintains the same characteristics of the previous models, but with an overall height of 308 mm.

The internal battery of Cantalupi Light Engineering cordless guarantees light duration for 8-10 hours.


If we are looking for a portable lamp with even smaller dimensions, the Otto Mini is the smallest version of the Cantalupi Light Engineering collection dedicated to portable lamps. Otto Mini is made with a steel body for outdoor use and in aluminum for the indoor version. Like the Otto S / M model, both types are made with sandblasted borosilicate glass and metallized reflector.

To best adapt to any indoor and outdoor setting, Cantalupi Light Engineering offers refined materials for the lamp’s reflector, such as gold or silver leaf and transparent glass.

To give a further touch of luxury and refinement, you can opt for the Otto Mini Alabaster, where the reflector is made with a thin layer of alabaster. This breathtaking detail makes this portable light one of a kind and perfect for embellishing luxury residential and superyacht environments.

All versions of Otto Mini are available with both induction charging and standard charging.


New acoustic lamp on Bluetooth

Combining portable lighting with sound diffusion via Bluetooth speakers in an all in a body with a modern, unique and captivating design is also available. Cantalupi Light Engineering has created the Otto Sound for this purpose.

Otto Sound is the new portable musical lamp, ideal for relaxing moments.

Made of steel and aluminum, the indoor version has a polished black anodizing finish while the central conical element is made of satin and polished anodized gold. The outdoor version consists of a stainless steel body and the same gold and black polished finishes. Thanks to its elegant and refined aesthetics Otto Sound is a new and fresh novelty among the portable lamps of the moment.



It is also possible to synchronize several acoustic lamps, adjusting the brightness and creating setting for moments of relaxation in a villa or on board a superyacht. Otto Sound is equipped with an LED light, two speakers, and a rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of listening and lighting pleasure. All the cordless lamps of the OTTO collection are resistant to humidity and dust, characteristics that make them perfect lighting bodies suitable for any context.

Visit Cantalupi Lighting and find the perfect portable table lamp solution for your luxury space.