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Top 6 PRT Shaper: Elevating Art Illumination to a New Standard

In the world of art, lighting is the silent curator, shaping the way we perceive and appreciate masterpieces. Now, there’s a revolutionary force that’s discreetly changing the game: the Top 6 PRT Shaper. This variable light shaping system doesn’t just illuminate art; it elevates it to a new level of brilliance, with a CRI98 quality […]

Cantalupi Bespoke: the innovative engineering and manufacturing service for tailored decorative lighting

We at Cantalupi Bespoke are excited to present the latest advancements in our specialised division, a beacon of excellence in tailored decorative lighting solutions. This unit is dedicated to professionals who value the pinnacle of mastery in their lighting needs. What makes us unique and distinguishes us from others in the industry is our pledge […]

Unveiling Hidden: A Lighting Innovation Redefining Elegance

In the world of lighting design, where innovation meets artistry, Cantalupi Lighting proudly introduces its latest masterpiece: Hidden. Launched during the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, this cutting-edge downlight defies the ordinary and redefines the possibilities of illumination, captivating the imagination of architects, designers, and lighting enthusiasts. The Art of Discretion True to its name, Hidden […]

Monaco Yacht Show 2023

The highly anticipated Monaco Yacht Show, which has always held a special place in our hearts, is just around the corner. As always, this prestigious event presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen our bonds. Our team can’t wait for the opportunity to chat and discuss the exciting possibilities that await us in the future. We […]

Bespoke lighting design

Cantalupi Light Engineering works in the high tech LED lighting systems sector. The entire production process is managed by the Cantalupi group, which allows us to produce any type of customized lighting product. Our years of experience in craftsmanship and our advancements in technological innovation are a guarantee of maximum flexibility to achieve any level […]

Visual comfort and lighting: interesting facts and suggestions

“Architecture is the skilful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes under light.” Today we introduce the theme of lighting with a quote from Le Corbusier, the architect who revolutionized the world of architecture and design in the 1920s. In architecture, light is a supporting element. One of Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture are ribbon […]

News and trends on portable table lamps

The must have of recent times in the lighting world is the portable table lamp. Once upon a time, the portable lamp was seen as a type of emergency lighting, but today it takes on all the beauty of a smart and super flexible system to illuminate sophisticated and trendy contemporary spaces. Thanks to its […]

How to create a wow factor with flexible linear lights

Flexible linear lights are the perfect light design element to create a wow factor in any environment. Thanks to their elegance and diffused light they emphasize any setting where they are located. Let’s discover the secrets of these lights. Flexible linear lights – what are they? First of all, let’s find out what flexible linear […]

Luxury outdoor lighting for villas and superyachts

The world of luxury outdoor lighting for villas and superyachts is constantly evolving, and always offers new captivating solutions. Do you want to find out how to best illuminate certain areas such as the main facade or the garden? Do you want to know how new design solutions can be adopted? Discover these secrets and […]

70 years together

Seventy years of work is a really long journey. The amazing adventure of the Catalupi family indeed began in 1951 with the establishment of Cantalupi Electric System.

Flying Fox

The utmost luxury charter yacht experience in the world Cantalupi contribution: Exterior lighting, custom exterior lighting, custom interior lighting Yacht Name FLYING FOX Overall Length 136 m Year 2019 Shipyard Lürssen Naval Architect Interior Designer Mark Berryman Exterior Designer Espen Øino International Photo Credits Imperial


Strong stylistic identity with a masculine and intimate touch Cantalupi contribution: Otto Lift Yacht Name ATLANTE Overall Length 54,8 m Year 2015 Shipyard CNR Navale Architect CNR Interior Designer Gilles & Boissier Exterior Designer Nuvolari Lenard Photo Credits CNR


The art of Lana: creation and installation of a masterpiece Cantalupi contribution: Exterior Lighting, interior Lighting, linear lights Yacht Name LANA Overall Length 107 m Year 2020 Shipyard Benetti Yachts Naval Architect Benetti Yachts Interior Designer Benetti Yachts Exterior Designer Benetti Yachts Photo Credits Imperial


According to the wishes and requirements of her owners Cantalupi contribution: Bespoke table lamps Yacht Name VANISH Overall Length 66,25 m Year 2016 Shipyard Feadship Navale Architect Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects Interior Designer Harrison Eidsgaard Exterior Designer Harrison Eidsgaard Photo Credits Feadship


A triumph of lights for the 107-meter Giga Yacht from Lürssen Cantalupi contribution: Bespoke Lighting Exteriors, Otto Kuadra Yacht Name AMADEA Overall Length 106,1 m Year 2017 Shipyard Lürssen Naval Architect Interior Designer Francois Zuretti Exterior Designer Espen Øino International Photo Credits Imperial


Sophisticated interior design by Nuvolari Lenard Cantalupi contribution: Interior lighting, table lamps Yacht Name DAR Overall Length 90 m Year 2018 Shipyard Oceanco Naval Architect Ginton Naval Architects Interior Designer Nuvolari & Lenard Exterior Designer Luiz de Basto Designs Photo Credits Oceanco


Sophisticated exterior design and interiors designed by Hot Lab Cantalupi contribution: Strip and flexible linear lights, Otto Lift, interior and exterior lighting, reading lights, navigation lights and accessories Yacht Name SUNRISE Overall Length 43 m Year 2019 Shipyard Yildiz – Perini Naval Architect Ginton Naval Architects Interior Designer Hot Lab Exterior Designer Ginton Naval Architects [...]


A bespoke project with sporty lines designed by Studio F. A. Porsche Cantalupi contribution: Lighting project, all lighting interiors Yacht Name 1OF7 Overall Length 35 m Year 2018 Shipyard Dynamiq Navale Architect Interior Designer Studio F.A. Porsche Exterior Designer Photo Credits Dynamiq + David Churchill

Majesty 140

A masterpiece created by Gulf Craft Cantalupi contribution: Full lighting project Yacht Name MAJESTY 140 Overall Length 43,1 m Year 2019 Shipyard Gulf Craft Naval Architect Gulf Craft Interior Designer Cristiano Gatto Design Exterior Designer Gulf Craft Photo Credits Gulf Craft


Modern and timeless at the same time Cantalupi contribution: Two Bespoke lamps, decorative linear light, logo Yacht Name SOARING Overall Length 68,2 m Year 2019 Shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen Naval Architect Interior Designer Focus Design Exterior Designer Focus Design Photo Credits Focus Design

Happy me

Exclusive alabaster creation designed and built for Happy Me Cantalupi contribution: All lighting, bespoke creation in alabaster Yacht Name HAPPY ME Overall Length 40,2 m Year 2020 Shipyard Benetti Naval Architect Benetti Interior Designer Francois Zuretti Exterior Designer Stefano Righini Design Photo Credits Benetti


Elegance and sophisticated simplicity Cantalupi contribution: Interior and Exterior Lighting Yacht Name BACCANAL Overall Length 46,95 m Year 2019 Shipyard Benetti Navale Architect Benetti Interior Designer Mauricio Gómez de Tuddo & Benetti Interior Style Department Exterior Designer Benetti Photo Credits Benetti


Multi-award-winning motor yacht Cantalupi contribution: Interior and exterior lighting, reading lights, linear lights, Otto Yacht Name RJ Overall Length 32 m Year 2020 Shipyard Arcadia Yachts Naval Architect Interior Designer Hot Lab Exterior Designer Photo Credits Hot Lab

Cantalupi presents “Evolution” at the MYS2019

As tradition demands, Cantalupi Light Engineering is going to take part in the Monaco Yacht Show, the most iconic and prestigious international event dedicated to the world of luxury yachts.

How much does a yacht cost?

Do you dream of purchasing a luxury yacht and you are wondering how much it costs? The 3 main factors that affect the amount are: design costs, yacht interiors and maintenance. Discover more.

How to calculate downlight spacing

Are you wondering how to calculate downlight spacing in order to illuminate the rooms properly? Consult this guide!

LED lighting company: Cantalupi Light Engineering, over 60 year of excellence

Are you looking for a LED lighting company? Cantalupi is an award made-to-measure lighting design and manufacturer brand.

Boat International rewards Elandess yacht

During last December, in the BOAT INTERNATIONAL magazine, an article was published on the ELANDESS yacht, where the Cantalupi Light Engineering chandelier is present in the interior.

Indoor staircase lighting ideas: the importance of details

The lighting for indoor staircases must always be managed in the best way possible. Discover our tips!

Nautical themed lighting: let’s discover this technique

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Bespoke Lighting Solutions: the Power of Exclusive Designs

When among the items available on the market you can’t find the right one for illuminating the rooms of your house and not only, you can resort to bespoke solutions.

Yacht shipyard: where luxury boats are born

Today we are going to explore a yacht shipyard: where luxury boats are born. There are many shipyards that manufacture luxury yachts…

Nautical furniture: the best “seaside interiors”

Nautical-themed furniture has become more and more popular in the last few years, both for private homes and as a distinctive style for restaurants and whatnot.

Benefits of track lighting: everything you need to know

When speaking of track lighting we refer to the kind of lighting that consists of a series of light fixtures placed on a ceiling-mounted structure, which is usually made of metal.

Led recessed ceiling lights: buying guide and the best products

Recessed lights are ideal for guaranteeing proper lighting in every room of the house, without giving up design nor beauty. They are also perfect for rooms that don’t have a very high ceiling or if you decide to uniformly illuminate the entire room.

Interior Lighting Design Tips | A Small Guide

Let’s see how choose the right interior lighting according to the type of room and the type of lamp we choose.

How to choose recessed lighting

How to choose recessed lighting? Choosing the proper lighting, especially for your home, is essential in order to fully enjoy every room of the house.

Dropped ceilings for bedrooms: features and uses

Inserting a dropped ceiling into a house is never a simple procedure. Consider, however, that installing a dropped plasterboard ceiling will allow you to make the most of the rooms of your house.

Unique lamps for sale: the most innovative trends and types

Unique lamps can give that one-of-a-kind creative touch to every room of the house. There are various types available, which differ by materials, shapes and aesthetic needs. Let’s provide a clearer picture.