Whatever the technology is, the challenge remains: to increase performance without increasing size. This is the case of Series 6.

To a larger redesigned lighting core, optimized for dissipation, corresponds a larger frame and still it takes up a minimal amount of installation space when compared to Series 5.
Engineers focused on light output to increase the level of flexibility: the ideal trade-off between size and light intensity makes Series 6 ideal for accent lighting as well as for normal lighting, especially in constrained applications. Our designers won the challenge so that our customers can confidently rely on a perfectly optimized product.
The result proves to be even more impressive with Comfort version: a powerful light without a glaring source both for interiors (TOP) and exteriors (STEEL).
With the same lighting core, it currently includes: Downlights TOP (for interiors), Downlights STEEL (for exteriors), Spotlights, Uplights, Wall lights and Pool lights.