Unique lamps for sale: the most innovative trends and types

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Unique lamps can give that one-of-a-kind creative touch to every room of the house. There are various types available, which differ by materials, shapes and aesthetic needs. Let’s provide a clearer picture.


There are several types of unique lamps in order to meet market needs. From creative recycling to the designer item, the world of unique lamps is multifaceted.

When choosing a unique lamp to install in a room, you will need to take into account the type of furniture, the prevailing colours and the size of the room. You will also need to choose the right type of lighting.


unique lamps for sale: swarowski

Christian Lamp – Swarovski Collection (Cantalupi Light Engineering)



The most commonly used materials for manufacturing particularly innovative lamps with a unique and sophisticated design are definitely metals (for the structure), which undergo different types of finishing, from a matte effect to chrome plating.

Metals go very well with glass, which is perfect for a retro atmosphere.

Among the materials, plate glass is also used, which has played a major role in the production of designer lamps in the last few years, as well as hardstones processed into extra fine sheets in order to obtain a filtered light effect in the room.


The most widely used lighting technology is, of course, the LED lamp. It’s used both in maxi-format for playful, basic lamps, and in the form of LED strip lights that highlight organic-shaped lamps.

The type of lamp that is most suitable for creative shapes and materials is definitely the suspension lamp. This kind of lamp easily adapts to most rooms of the house, from the living room to the bedroom (if the surface is sufficient). Thanks to its shapes and appearance, a suspension lamp can lend personality to any room.


The modern style of unique suspension lamps consists in using clean and geometric shapes embellished with peculiar materials such as plate glass or frosted glass. Modern style suspension lamps are made of various elements and therefore differ from the classic ones which consist of only one central element.


In the latest trends there is also a wide use of suspension lamps that only consist of a metal “skeleton”. The geometric lines of these shapes vary from the simplest to the most complex ones, and they adapt well to a minimalist location. If you wish to get an even more essential result, there are unique lamps that consist of just one maxi light bulb as the only light fixture and aesthetic element. In this case, minimalism meets irony and the desire to experiment with new shapes and colours to give a fun touch to the room.


Whereas if you wish to give a sophisticated touch to the lighting setup, you can choose from a wide selection of designer lamps. These unique, beautiful and functional pieces were created by great designers, from Achille Castiglioni to Philippe Starck. Designer lamps can satisfy any kind of request as far as both sizes and styles are concerned. You can find the right designer lamp for every room of your house, even for small spaces. Another example? The unique table lamps are really stunning.

Such modern lamps look good with a new style that is taking hold in Northern Europe. Especially in Scandinavian countries wood is the real protagonist. In this regard, are you looking for original lamps? You can choose the proposals of companies that offer high-stand “vintage wood” furniture such as Albero Aureo. This is very strong trend and the combinations are perfect!


In the latest trends there is a great use of alternative materials for the manufacturing of both suspension and floor lamps.


How can I choose the right designer lamp that best adapts to my room?

In order to select the perfect designer lamp for every room of your home, first of all you need to determine the kind of lamp that best matches the style of the furniture in the room. If your living room has got a vintage flavour, you can opt for a series of retro lamps. Are you a minimalism lover? You can choose contemporary designers who work with technological materials. Keep in mind that some designer pieces are crossover, that is to say they can adapt to any style and location thanks to the purity of their shapes and materials.

Is there a perfect lamp for every room of the house?

Absolutely! Let’s find out how to spot the right unique lamps for the various rooms of the house.


If you have got a spacious living room, it’s the perfect place for a designer lamp, even a big one. Whether it consists of only one body or of various suspended branches, a designer lamp is the perfect furnishing accessory for adding value to the living room.

For all of the retro lovers, there are several designer lamps that reinterpret in a modern way the classic baroque crystal chandelier, an undisputed symbol of elegance and opulence. Transposed to the modern style, the symbol of elegance proposed nowadays is made from plastic and composite materials which keep its glamour unaltered while adapting it to a current style.


A designer lamp can also be installed in the kitchen, perhaps a small-sized lamp. In this room, besides a suspension lamp, a ceiling lamp can be planned too, as always with an appealing aesthetics that matches the prevailing style of the entire kitchen.

The main areas to be illuminated in the kitchen are the worktop and, of course, the dining table. You can plan designer suspension lamps in these two areas.

If you have got a modern or minimalist style kitchen, you should choose an essential style in which basic geometric shapes, metals and glass prevail.

Whereas if your kitchen has got more of a classic style, you can opt for a nice designer lamp that recalls traditional shapes, but reinterpreted with cutting-edge materials.


Are you looking for ideas for your unique lamp? Here below are a few very original lamps that can enrich every room of the house.


unique lamps backlight

Backlight on alabaster slabs


Rather than a simple unique lamp, Cantalupi Lighting offers an innovative concept, that is backlighting surfaces made of various materials, from stones to polymers. The resulting effect is amazing, as far as both the light yield and the aesthetic impact are concerned.

This product is manufactured upon customer request and is therefore completely custom-made. LED technology is used for the lighting, which comes in a wide range of emissions, temperatures and colours to choose from.

Otto Murano

unique lamps otto murano

A different way of interpreting unique lamps?

Otto by Cantalupi Lighting is a portable table lamp that can lend elegance to any room with its discreet yet very original appearance. This version of the lamp is made of Murano glass but it’s also available in other materials. Thanks to its technology, Otto can be used both in private homes and on yachts.

For further ideas go to Cantalupi Lighting’s online catalogue.