Unveiling Hidden: A Lighting Innovation Redefining Elegance


In the world of lighting design, where innovation meets artistry, Cantalupi Lighting proudly introduces its latest masterpiece: Hidden. Launched during the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, this cutting-edge downlight defies the ordinary oregon ducks jersey johnny manziel jersey aiyuk jersey asu football jersey deuce vaughn jersey custom football jerseys ohio state jersey miami hurricanes jersey custom made football jerseys drew allar jersey deuce vaughn jersey custom made football jerseys College Football Jerseys fsu jersey drew allar jersey and redefines the possibilities of illumination, captivating the imagination of architects, designers, and lighting enthusiasts.

The Art of Discretion
True to its name, Hidden is designed to seamlessly merge with its surroundings. Its frameless, ultra-compact design allows it to vanish into the ceiling, becoming one with the architecture. It leaves behind no trace of its presence, focusing solely on the beauty of light.

A World of Infinite Dimensions
Hidden is a marvel of engineering, challenging the conventions of traditional downlights. At an astonishing 12mm in diameter, it boasts the technical lighting specifications of a standard downlight. Its name is not just a mere descriptor but an invitation to discover the infinite possibilities it offers.

Illuminating Brilliance
Hidden is more than just a light; it’s an experience. Its versatility is a testament to its excellence. With dimmable, and RGBW (Red Green Blue White) options, Hidden adapts to your unique vision. The ability to indulge in a spectrum of colors opens a world of creative possibilities.

Mastering the Art of Ambiance
Hidden is engineered with precision and thoughtfulness. The incorporation of the antiglare structure ensures that the light emitted is soft and indirect, eliminating harsh glares and shadows. This mastery of ambiance adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

For Interiors of Distinction
Hidden is exclusively designed for interior spaces of distinction. Its 6 to 10 watts of power ensure that it casts an enchanting glow that can transform any room into a work of art. Hidden carries an IP rating from 20 to 65, underlining its commitment to excellence.

The Elegance of Visual Comfort
Visual comfort is at the heart of Hidden’s design. Its deep antiglare properties ensure that the illumination it provides is gentle, soft, and free from harsh glare. The result is an ambiance that exudes elegance and sophistication.


Hidden, the downlight that defies expectations, is a testament to Cantalupi Lighting’s dedication to innovation and excellence. With its ability to hide in plain sight, its adaptability, and its commitment to creating the perfect ambiance, Hidden is more than a light; it’s an experience, an art piece that can transform any space.